Test Boards

  • Design to test
  • Time to Market
  • Design to Manufacture
  • Design to Cost

In-house PCB design, assembly and test integrated into a structured process flow allow for shortest time-to-market, best performance and highest quality of TIPS Test Board products.

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Probe Card PCBs

  • seamless integration of wafer probes (needle spider, vertical probe heads, stiffeners...)
  • "We Know Probe Cards"

Final Test Boards, Burn-In Boards:

  • Synergies with Probe Card PCBs (Schematics Re-Use)
  • Stiffeners, test sockets, mechanical components,
  • Thermal management
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State-of-the-Art Design Software

  • Rule-driven design process
  • Integrated Simulation
  • 3D modelling
  • Integrated component supply logistics

PCB Assembly

  • Manual assembly (Through-hole, SMD, cabling, mechanical...)
  • Automated SMD assembly (small to medium series quantities)
  • Vapor-phase soldering
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Flying Probe Test

  • Full component test - based on PCB design source-data!
  • Failure analysis
  • Maintenance Services

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