R&D and Engineering

R&D and Engineering

Research & Development:

In-house expertise and combination of applied physics, electronic design, micro-mechanics and numerical simulation allows us to develop integrated test concepts for most demanding applications, as sensors stimulation in wafer test, arcing suppression in high voltage probing and safe handling of highest test currents. Our test solutions apply to testing products for newest developments as autonomous driving, electromobility and advanced sensing.

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  • Wafer-probe interaction
  • Electro-thermal and mechanical simulation of micro contacts
  • Magnetic field applications for wafer and package test
  • Optical stimulation on wafer level
  • MEMS test
  • High voltage and high current test setups
  • Test lab verification and demo capabilities
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Electronics, mechanics and micro-contacts engineering capabilities allow for tailored solutions:

  • Prober docking solutions
  • Pogo towers
  • Hot and cold temperature management for wafer test
  • docking solutions
  • Test sockets
  • PRVx motherboards
  • and many more!

Cooperations – Turnkey Solutions

MeasureOneTM – Turnkey Solutions for Analytical "Power" Probing

For specific questions, further information or inquiries about our engineering or R & D solutions contact our team.