Probe Cards

Cantilever and Vertical probe card technologies, including integrated design of PCBs, mechanical components, additional functionalities on probe card: "The One Stop Shop"

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High Voltage, High Current Probe Cards

Voltages up to 10kV and test currents of more than 1000 A can be safely handled with TIPS' "LuPo" and "SmartClamp" technologies. Solutions for R&D lab testing to high volume testing are available including capabilities to test at high temperature. Available for wafer test and test of bare die ("Known Good Die") applications, at room temperature and high temperature.

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Sensors Probecards

Sensors and Devices for IoT

Besides the traditional probe cards for wafer test a comprehensive test of sensors at wafer level requires additional stimuli, as magnetic fields, pressure application, suitable radiation or light fields, controlled gas or humidity application. TIPS' probe cards for sensor devices integrate these additional functionalities seamlessly into one "smart" probe card product - conveniently applicable in high volume industry test cell setups with off-the-shelf probers and testers.

MEMS Devices

Wafer test of MEMS devices often involve dealing with very low electrical capacitance values, ultra low leakage requirements and sometimes optical readout of mechanical motion in microscopic structures. TIPS' integrated approach copes with these requirements - from fully guarded PCB designs and probe card layouts to laser deflectiuon measurements of microscopic MEMS structures integrated into probe cards for wafer test.

Automotive Probe Cards

Automotive RADAR

Challenges of highest test frequencies, multi-site measurements and high volume mass production requirements can be addressed with TIPS' in-depth expertise in high frequency mixed signal "Vertical" probe cards.

Automotive ASICs

These applications are often characterized by a combination of logic circuitry and power outputs sharing the same die. The requirements for wafer test are challenging: high density, fine pitch bond pads for the logic part in combination with hefty currents to be tested going up to several Amps. A temperature range of our probe cards from – 40 °C to 175 °C allows to cope with the stringent test requirements of ICs for the automotive industry. "SmartClamp” probe protection technology allows safe testing of highest currents up to 100 Amps. For requirements as contacting over active area (POAA) T.I.P.S. can provide contact geometries that minimise scrub length and pad damage yet maintaining excellent contact properties. TIPS' vertical probe card technology is tailored for these stringent requirements: pulsed high-current signals, high signal integrity, fast signal paths integration.

Vertical Probe Cards

State-of-the-Art Buckling beam vertical probe card technology, seamlessly integrated into PCB design and additional features, e.g. light sources, hot test, RF and high current capabilities.

Cantilever Probe Cards

Advanced Cantilever probe geometries and materials allow for tailored solutions and stringent requirements: pad-over-active-area probing (POAA), ultra-stable CRES, low force, small pads...