We offer entire solutions "from one source"

T.I.P.S. mission statement which emphasize on technical innovation, applied physics and electronics gives our customer confidence being state of art in measurement technology.

T.I.P.S. is your “one-stop-shop” for semiconductor measurement devices and microchip test interfaces. Based on revolutionary technologies and technical expertise and short manufacturing and maintenance lead time, T.I.P.S. provides full ownership of high yielding microchip test hardware.

Corporate Main focus:

  • Research and development:
    Focus in development of measurement concepts and measurement techniques for microchip testing. We offer clients a customised R&D concept through a combination of applied physics, electronics and micro mechanic simulation and design via research institute endorsements..
  • Production of testing hardware for micro-chip testing:
    Our products contain
    • design and micromechanical assembly of chip-contacting
    • CAD-Layout and assembly of test boards,
    • Design and supply of peripherals (e.g. mechanical components, docking solution, laboratory equipment)

Due to combination of R&D and production the idea of "Design for manufacturing" is not merely buzzwords for us, but an important achievement through the complete elements of production and design processes.

Our highly responsible and competent personnel together with our quality management systems contribute to our successful technolgical market leadership.

We are acting according to our motto: We Do It First Time Right!